Watts has always been a place called home for only a few who understood the message to rebuild and eradicate violence that is still destroying the lives of the community and families. Since 2003, Women of Watts and Beyond have strived to empower the individuals of the Watts community to take their lives back.

Stop The Violence March

Hosting an annual "Stop The Violence March" in the streets of Watts has raised awareness as a community.

The volunteers

The community effort starts with our volunteers from within the Watts community and beyond. Until this day, volunteers have gone above and beyond to make our goals a reality.

The partners

Each year the list of partners has increased. Offering their time and business services continue to assisted so many individuals and families of the community.

The sponsors

Our sponsors' list continues to grow since the day of our first March in 2004. We are grateful for their support and belief in what Women of Watts and Beyond goals are for the community of Watts.

The Children of the Community

We haven't forgotten that our children are the future. We help maintain the focus of the children of the Watts community by providing assistance in family unity, parenting, education, and among other things so that a child can be a kid.

At home

Building the family unity is the backbone for the community to take their lives back. WOW has assisted in housing and shelter for individuals and families.

In the Community

WOW works closely with recovery homes to assist individuals who are ready to make a change in their lives.

In school

We help provide hot breakfast to elementary, middle and high school students as well as school materials and supplies.

Community Events

The presence of WOW is no longer once a year. With community events throughout the year, it has been an indication that our goals have become a reality.

Holiday events

Aside from our annual Marches, Thanksgiving and Christmas has become our second biggest event of the year with hosting dinners and toy drives for the people of our community.

Community entertainment

There's sure to be a stage at a Women of Watts and Beyond event. Community and district speaker's voice their views and progress of the Watts community. And children perform to show their best talents.

Family fun

Every community event has been a great opportunity for individuals of the community and families to enjoy.