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  • Women of Watts and Beyond is a community organization that was founded in 2003 by Lydia Friend. Lydia is a community activist and long-time resident of Watts.
  • The Women of Watts organization delivers Mother's Day gift baskets to mothers who were community leaders and who are now in their 80s and. 90s. These women mothered, mentored, counseled, scolded and discipline thousands of youths 'back in the day.' So, on Mother's Day Lydia Friend, the founder of Women of Watts, honored them with a gift basket. (View the video)
  • The demonstration, hosted by the community organization Women of Watts (WOW), marked the year anniversary of Los Angeles public schools being shuttered by the pandemic.
  • Evangelist Lydia Friend is a prominent long-time resident of 62 years and activist of the Watts community. She has served the community for over 19 years as the founder and leader for Women of Watts and Beyond. She serves the Lord in everything she does and her guiding light leads her to help others in need.
  • Women of Watts and Beyond acts as an information center working with at-risk families – fathers, mothers, children, and youth, especially for those who have lost a loved one as a result of being murdered by gang violence.
  • Parents voice their frustration with school closures to Assemblymember Mike Gibson and LAUSD School Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin during a rally for the reopening of schools at Ted Watkins Memorial Park in Watts on Saturday, March 13, 2021.
  • Lydia is a community activist and long-time resident of Watts. In incorporating Women of Watts, Lydia sought to create an organization that would serve in multiple capacities, such Shelter For Homeless men and women, food, hosting holiday giveaways, mentoring, and advocating for change for the residents of the Watts community.

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Organizing the annual "Stop The Violence March" and other events in our community is a year-round effort. We appreciate all the volunteers, partners and sponsors who assist us year after year.

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