Empowering Voices, Building Hope: Support Women of Watts and Beyond

Stand with Women of Watts and Beyond in their fight for a brighter future.
In the heart of Watts, Los Angeles, a beacon of hope shines - Women of Watts and Beyond. This grassroots organization, fueled by the strength and resilience of women, is on a mission to uplift their community. They stand together with those facing violence, providing crucial support and resources to break the cycle.
Your gift empowers Women of Watts and Beyond to:
  • Raise awareness about violence and advocate for change.
  • Connect at-risk youth with job training and mentoring, paving the way for brighter futures.
  • Support families shattered by gang violence, helping them heal and rebuild.
  • Offer vital services like parenting classes, community gardens, and book publishing workshops.
And the best part? Your generosity ensures these services remain FREE for the Watts community.
Imagine the impact: a single mother finding the strength to leave an abusive situation, a teenager landing their first job, and a family emerging from grief with renewed hope. These are the stories Women of Watts and Beyond help write, and you can be a part of it.

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Show your support

Donate today and start showing your support by wearing a Women of Watts and Beyond Shirt, T-shirt, Cap, Tote Bag or Button. Items come in a variety of colors and other items will be available soon.
Send us an email or call us at (323) 252-5901 to get yours.

Food, Clothing, and Toy Donations

Providing something to someone who is not able to provide for themselves is how our community helps each other in a time of need. Serving food and hosting holiday giveaways during Thanksgiving and Christmas makes for a wonderful time for at-risk families.
We appreciate what you can donate.